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I’ve been meaning to write about how good Shasta is for some time now.

Shasta Old Time Farm Shepherd

She was so easy to potty train. I think she pooped in my house a total of two times. she peed in my house several times, always in the same spot, conclusion; the carpet was peed on by previous owners dog. She learned quickly that I did not want her to pee there, even if it did smell like a bathroom to her! Said carpet was removed three weeks ago so as to not confuse the next puppy. Besides, who want’s a peed carpet!

She always comes when called even if she is in hot pursuit of the neighbors cat. How dare it come onto her domain, It definitely has to go, it doesn’t belong!

She pays attention to what goes on. I told the cat to get off the counter and pushed it off, she later sees the cat on the counter and says a soft woof (Shasta does not bark in the house for no reason) I looked up and the cat was on the counter I picked up the cat deposited outside. Good girl Shasta she was very happy to help.  “the little tattle tale” thought the cat.

Speaking of barking, Shasta never barks to go outside. she stands patiently by the door until someone notices she wants out.

She Guards the house sitting were she can see everything and makes the rounds doggedly . The mule, who showed up about two months ago at the house across the street, is not to be trusted! She is convinced he is up to no good.

She obeys commands both verbally and hand signals.

She is friends with the cats I have pics of her sharing her food with them she also shares her bed with our new 3 month old kitten. She plays gently with him. He thinks she’s his best friend which is probably true!

She seems to have the ability to understand exactly what you want. Thursday, the 3rd of September I was taking lambs to the fair, we put a halter on the ram we had halter trained and led him to the trailer. Then we went back for his twin, she did not like the halter but she let us put it on.  When we tried to lead her she jumped like a jack in the box straight up in the air! she was a regular kangaroo! I think we could have entered her in a sheep jumping contest, if there was such a thing. I pulled  her forward while someone  gently coaxed  her from behind for some time. When it occurred to me. Hey! I have a dog for just this purpose, “someone get Shasta” I said.  I was the one trying to lead her so I couldn’t go get the dog. I stress trying, she was not cooperating one bit. We got Shasta.  She saw what was up, and immediately  started moving Ruthie towards the trailer.  Then to our dismay the lamb just sat down. (These lambs are quite heavy and can not just be picked up) no matter how hard Shasta and we tried. We couldn’t budge her, Shasta would dart in and out barking to try to get her up and then she started to nip at her back end and grab a little wool and shake her head  we told her “gentle Shasta, let her go” and she would immediately. Then she would do it again more carefully she finally got her moving and we got the second lamb in the trailer. One to go!  Now the last lamb is Jael’s lamb. Jael is very smart for a sheep, she saw what we were up to. So when we came to get her lamb, Esther, Jael would not come and her lamb would not come. Not for grain or for petting not for anything! She was sure we were up to no good. “Go get them” Andy said, pointing at them. Shasta drove them up from the back of the pasture.  “Good Girl!” I encouraged. Jael broke away. Shasta started to head her off and bring her back when I said “no Shasta, that one” and pointed at Esther. To my joy she knew what I wanted! She went back and continued to drive only the lamb. Jael came back to rescue her baby, thinking to distract Shasta she tried to get between Shasta and the lamb. I again pointed at the lamb redirecting her, making sure she knew I only wanted the lamb. She was awesome! Even when the mom was trying to get her to follow her instead. She did exactly what I wanted singling out the one I wanted and not letting her rejoin her mom. Into the trailer she went and off to the fair.

I was again amazed at Shasta’s biddability today when our Buff Cochin rooster challenged Shasta and she started to fight him using some of the same techniques that she used on the possum.  We told her “no” and she obeyed, the rooster had other plans, he would not break it off, continuing to try to attack. My son picked him up. Shasta and him got into it again when he was released, he was the instigator.  Andy told her “no!”, she stopped, “down” he commanded, she obeyed, “stay”, she stayed. While she was down the rooster used the opportunity to attack her again. My husband decided to end the encounter with the chickens. Shasta’s exceptional behavior in the face of the roosters continued attacks is the reason I can say with out a shadow of a doubt. Shasta Is the best dog I ever owned!

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