Shasta and the Possum

Coming home from the county fair on Saturday evening well after dark we found Shasta in the midst of a fight with a young possum. So we left the car so the headlines shone on them and gathered around to encourage her. At first she seemed willing but a bit intimidated by the possum. She had had several unpleasant encounters with skunks over the summer so that may have influenced her reaction this time. So we all began cheering her on in order in encourage her to kill it. She began grabbing it by the back and flinging it a little ways. I had to move the car twice as the little bugger kept trying to crawl under the car. Eventually she broke its back and I had to finish it off. Previous to this she had killed at least several gophers that I am aware of, but this is the first time I know of that she has killed something this big. So we are now confident in Shasta’s hunting abilities and I’m sure Shasta is more confident in her own abilities.

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