Puppies 1 Week Old Today

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At one week old the puppies are starting to change, getting more roly-poly and looking less like sausages. Happy had her bent tail and dew-claws removed 2 days ago and the rest had their dew-claws removed yesterday.

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  1. They’re just gorgeous, congratulations. I’d say that Doc is my favorite, although not by much.

    As for color, I suspect that Sleepy and Sneezy have two different “Tri” alleles. Sleepy’s appears to be nice defined edges with no black masking on the face, like a Bernese. Sneezy looks to be the blended sort with black masking on the face and legs.

    So much diversity in just one litter, gotta love it!

  2. Andy says:

    Hurray for landrace breeds and genetic diversity.

  3. Nikki says:

    Just adorable! Thanks for sharing the photos… looking forward to more.

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