5 Week Old Puppies

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Where does the time go, Shasta’s litter is 5 weeks old today. Some new things are becoming obvious at this point that you will notice in the pictures below. It looks like some of these dogs will have blue eyes, Dopey’s left eye for sure and there are a few maybes too. Also Sleepy’s coat is really beautiful, it seems to be wavy. Three more weeks and they will start going to their homes, Sleepy is the only puppy not spoken for, give me a call or email if you are interested, there is certainly nothing wrong with him, in fact he has a lot of personality and is among the larger, more active pups in this litter.

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  1. They’ve left Sleepy alone just to tempt me. What a handsome puppy; all of them really.

    This is the age where I got a kit from Hobby Lobby that allowed me to push their little feet into clay and bake it as a memento of the litter. “Keepsake clay” I think it was called.

    They’re a lot of work and fun at this age, no?

  2. Grumpy looks a little apprehensive in that first photo. Maybe he’s camera shy.

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