Puppies at 6 Weeks

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The puppies are 6 weeks now. We had them into the vet yesterday for their first shots and a checkup, here are their weights.

Doc – 9.0 lbs
Grumpy – 8.6 lbs
Sleepy – 9.8 lbs
Bashful – 8.2 lbs
Snow White – 8.4 lbs
Dopey – 9.0 lbs
Happy – 5.6 lbs
Sneezy – 8.4 lbs

3 Responses to Puppies at 6 Weeks

  1. Aren’t puppies great? Have you decided who to keep yet?

  2. Wow, they sure grow up fast! All are looking good, hardy, and strong. I think Bashful and Doc are still my favorites with Sleepy being runner-up.

    • Andy says:


      Gotta love that merle. I could have sold those 2 merle pups 4 times over and at a higher price. We will be keeping Doc here and Bashful is going to Michigan. Sleepy, despite being the largest in the litter still doesn’t have a home, but I have had a couple of inquires about him in the last few days so I’m not worried yet. If you look at the pictures you can see that Sleepy actually has a beautiful, wavy coat, so although he doesn’t have much white on him or merle, he may turn out to have the most striking coat of the whole litter.

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