Puppies Going Home

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I delivered 3 puppies to their new owners this weekend. Every puppy is spoken for now and only Happy has not gone on to her new home yet. This litter sure drew a lot of attention, ranging from very positive┬áblog posts to bitter people trying to put them down, about which a friend told me the following “If they can’t combat your ideas, they try to combat you personally, and that usually means that your ideas are better and/or the foundations of their side are more fantasy than reality”.

This may have been the first registered OTFS litter produced in years, another friend told me recently that he had inquired with the NKC about OTFS dogs registered recently and found that there just weren’t any! So in some ways this litter may prove to be seminal (no pun intended), keeping the OTFS (or the Allison line of Scotch Collies depending on how you look at it) alive for another generation. I have talked with quite a few people who owned one of these dogs bred by McDuffie or Strunk, they rave about how intelligent they are, in most cases their dogs have grown old and died without a suitable replacement. I have not, despite my searching, found one person outside of Chandler Strunk who has bred OTFS dogs in the past 10 years, plenty who have owned these dogs, but none who have or are continuing to breed them. These 8 dogs may actually be among the very last of the OTFS, that is why I sold them, not with oh-so-common spay/neuter contract but with a must-breed contract, the owners have all agreed to breed at least one litter with their dogs.

These pups have gone to a wide diversity of homes.

  • Sneezy will be a cow dog in Missouri
  • Sleepy will hang around a riding stable in New Jersey
  • Bashful will be a competition hunting dog in Michigan
  • Happy and Dopey will live on farms in Texas
  • Snow White and Grumpy will stay here to help on our farm and someday be bred to Rainier
  • Doc will stay here to be a stud dog.

The future of these fine dogs is uncertain, if you are concerned about their survival I encourage you to support the Old-Time Scotch Collie Association. If you are interested in acquiring a dog, you may write me directly andy at ilabmedia dot com, and sign up for the puppy list so you will be notified automatically when dogs become available, the signup page is at www.scotchcollie.org/breed/puppy-waiting-list

3 Responses to Puppies Going Home

  1. Steven says:

    Makes me sad, but i’m glad they found good homes. I’m encouraged to hear there will be more breeding in the future. Save me one!

  2. andrew says:

    I grew up on a farm in southwestern Minnesota. We had a Farm Collie, a dog who was absolutely unbelievably intelligent, but also calm…and a bit of a rascal.

    I applaud you that you are trying to rescue this breed. I fear you have a very small window to do it.

    I also note that you are not the only one. I see the English Shepard as pretty much the same thing, I see people in Canada noting the same shortage and looking for dogs, I see ‘Old Time Farm Shepard’ and ‘Farm Collie’ and ‘Old Scotch Collie’ etc etc.

    I really hope you guys all are not afraid to intermix rather than keep your own little registries ‘pure’ because each group seems to have just a handful of animals (well, the English Shepard seems to have okay numbers)and I worry about genetic diversity.

    I also hope you guys are taking the time to freeze semen of the dogs you have so they can continue to be used in future breeding programs.

  3. Kim says:

    I am very pleased to have Heiland Thistle’s Shep here now! He is growing, and proving to be the perfect dog! He is just over three months old, loves to follow us around. He already sits, stays, knows how to get my attention to go outside by barking, heading to the door and putting his paws on it! He is gets upset, if I don’t let him see Daniel, and know where he is! He has to account for everyone! I will be breeding him in the future, and looking for the right female for him! Thanks Andy, for all your help on this! If you have any articles I can post on my site, I would appreciate it! Also, I would love a copy of what you wrote about the Old Time Scotch collie!
    It is great to own one of these rare collies and to be part of the restoration of them.

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