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How do you like the new website?

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  1. We had two collies which my ex-wife took out west several years ago. She still has our male Scout. The female was breed just before the trip west, and the pups were sold to farms out there. Leaving me with out dogs and contacts to replace them.
    My daughter and I are getting back into stock, and are having trouble with predators: coyote and now bobcat. Bear get into the bees now and again. and well I miss my Scout…alot ..I can e-mail Kate (were friendly) but Scout can’t type- which is fine because I can’t spell.
    Well now I would like to replace Scout with another working dog, Not really worried about colors, sex etc just a working dog of the scotch collie type. I was humbled to know that at one time had 4% of the gene pool. So am diffidently want to breed …if its a good worker, sound. And will work with others on out crossing (within ) the breed. To maintain as wide a gene pool as possible.

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