Four Week Old Scotch Collie Pups

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At four weeks the puppies are really starting to explore the world. They roam about the yard during the day boldly going farther and farther from the dog house and mom. They also play with each other now, growling and wrestling or fighting over bits of sticks or leaves. Their personalities are really just starting to show, but I have had a few requests so I will try to tell you a little about what I see in each one of them. They are all being well socialized and are each played with individually every day by our family, they all love people and will come running when they see someone approaching.

Scotch Collie Puppy GarnetGarnet

As the largest and the only male in the group Garnet is by far the boldest. He was the first to venture away from the nest, in fact I was awoken by his howling well over a week ago after he had wandered into the living room in the middle of the night and couldn’t find his was back to his family. He shows little or no timidity and I would characterize him as mellow.

Scotch Collie Puppy - AmberAmber

Amber is about the same size as Ruby and Crystal, I can’t tell which is biggest until I get them to the vet for their first shots and have them weighed. The spots on her back, indicating the merle genes she is carrying, are starting to fade so I am having to look at her blaze to distinguish her from Ruby (Amber’s blaze is much narrower than Ruby’s). Amber seems less timid than her sisters but also quite content to sit around while they explore.

Scotch Collie Puppy RubyRuby

Ruby, like Amber is a big girl who is quite laid back although perhaps a bit more timid than Amber.


Crystal is outgoing and adventurous, she doesn’t seem easily scared. She is quite content to just sit on your lap for long periods of time.

Scotch Collie Puppy - DiamondDiamond

I reported last week that Diamond had a problem with her leg. This week the swelling is almost all gone and she is getting around great, we will have her examined by the vet again in a week or so to make sure it is healing correctly. Diamond is real outgoing and just loves people, she can be easily scared but perhaps that comes from being the smallest in the litter. She is very active and doesn’t hold still much when she is playing, as you can see from today’s pictures I had trouble getting a good pic of her because she was everywhere!


It appears that Sapphire is the second smallest in the litter, she is a great explorer and often wanders far from home. She is a little on the timid side too but loves people and attacking her siblings.

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  1. Katie:] says:

    these pups are all so cute i wonder which one we will get

  2. Katie:] says:

    oh yea i hope for Ruby

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