Rainier and Sally

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The parents of our latest litter each have very unique and interesting backgrounds and make a great combination of Old-Time Scotch Collie genetics in this litter.


Age: 2 years
Weight: 60 pounds
Height:  23″
Color: sable & white


Rainier was bred by Jessica Hennings of Gracehaven. His father is Gracehaven Angus, one of the most successful and prolific Scotch Collie studs alive today, he is described by his owner thus:

Angus is a more old-fashioned type of collie, with a stockier build, sturdier bone structure, a gently broadened head shape, and large, expressive eyes. His temperament is very good-natured, kind and gentle with children; but he can do guardian work as well. There was a time when we were very grateful for his abilities when we had a persistent problem with intruders on our land. He once fought a wolf to save our cat, Alexander. Angus was Canadian bred; all we have been able to find out is that his parents were purebred rough collies. Laddie, Angus’ sire, was not registered, though his mother, Hannah, was registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.

While Rainier’s father was from north of the border, his mother, Lassie, was from south of the border. Purchased in a market in Peru, nothing at all is known of her breeding but some have theorized that she may be of Ovelheiro Gaúcho stock, an old fashioned, working type collie from South America. What we do know is that she was a wonderful dog with high intelligence and natural working ability. Sadly, Lassie was struck and killed by a car, having produced only one litter of pups.

Rainier has proven to be a fantastic dog. He is always on the guard, protecting us from intruders of all kinds, skunks, raccoons, coyotes, opossums and whatever else might enjoy dining on our chickens or eating out of our feed bag. He has shown a natural aptitude in herding and was a big help to us with the cattle we had here last summer 2010. In obedience Rainier knows no equal, he always obeys the first time, every time, in fact he won “most obedient” at our county fair dog show this year. Rainier is the total package, great looks and intelligent, capable and obedient. If I could improve one thing about him it would be that he is too friendly with strange humans.


Age: 4 years
Weight: 35 pounds
Height:  18″
Color: milk sable (ee)

Sally was bred by Chandler Strunk of Winfield, Tennessee and is of pure McDuffie Old-Time Farm Shepherd extraction. This is a line of rare Scotch Collies descended from four litter-mates that the renowned dog breeder Richard McDuffie found on a farm in Tennessee in 1994, [learn more about McDuffie and his OTFS dogs here]. These dogs are known for their almost human intelligence, herding, guardian and hunting ability.

With Sally’s great pedigree she has a lot to live up to, unfortunately she hasn’t been worked with as much as she should have been due to serious illnesses of her owner. But at our place she has shown herself to be a quick learner. Most importantly for this cross, she has that natural standoffishness around strangers that the OTFS dogs are famous for which should improve on Rainiers over-friendliness.

As an interesting aside, Richard McDuffie once created a breed if Curs by crossing Mexico, Canada and America, he called them Camus Curs. This litter, while not having any Mexican bloodlines, does combine collie blood from north of the border, south of the border and the United States.

4 Responses to Rainier and Sally

  1. Jodie Reisner says:

    Looks like a good combination of lineage traits. Thanks for keeping this breed alive. We hope to have a girl to work and love on our small farm. Our family would be honored to keep these special dogs productive. Jodie and Dale

  2. Charlie Lucas says:

    This does sound like the “complete package.” I like the diversity of genetics. I hope to have one of the females. I plan to spend a great deal of one on one time with her. Thanks for your faithfulness in breeding these Scotch Collies.

    Charlie Lucas

  3. Laura Osanitch says:

    To whomever takes these pups, I would love to follow them as they grow and progress.

  4. HI! I am so thankful now, after talking with various owners, to be having an Old Time Scotch collie! We will be helping to bring back this dog as it once was in Canada! I will be working with another owner who purchased a puppy from Hieland Thistle Old Time Farm collie as well. We are hoping in the future, to purchase a female.

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