Pups Are Five Weeks Old (almost 6)

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Old-Time Scotch Collie Pups

Things have been very busy here so we are a few days late getting these pictures up. The puppies are really coming into their own and we are starting to get some idea what they will look like when grown and more about their personalities.

Here is how I would rate them at this point.

  • Most cuddly: Crystal
  • Most bold: Garnet
  • Most adventurous: Sapphire
  • Most active: Diamond
  • Most mellow: Amber
  • Most people oriented: Ruby
The pups will be seeing the vet early next week for shots and checkups, so I will have weights and more info on their health then. Diamond’s leg appears all healed now and she acts as though there were never a problem, the vet will of course take a look at that next week too.

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  1. Jennifer Williams says:

    Hey Andy, I’m still interested in getting a puppy. Since we’ve last talked my family has moved to a 100 acre farm and we have goats, chickens, rabbits, and 3 children.

  2. Laura Osanitch says:

    Found your site thanks to Vivian Flynt of ES yahoo groups, which led me to the Old Farm Shepherd site which led me to YOUR site. I know ESs aren’t common but I had not realized just how endangered the old scotch collie is.

    I have an australian working kelpie and have a current affinity for kelpies, coolies and heelers, but their collie DNA has prompted me to explore the collie tree. I have great disdain for bench shows, though as a child they were my entry way to dog events and thinking about dog breeds. Today I prefer dogs bred for function, stable physical and mental attributes, and certainly NOT for bench shows. I long for a world where the conformation shows and the breeding atrocities they inspire are rejected.

    I will follow your site and I hope the scotch collie comes back without genetic atrocity. WHen you have so few dogs to work with, I don’t see how this is possible without breeding to existing working breeds that happen to have the attributes worth capturing again. This may mean the true OLD scotch may never be with us again but what old time dog fans know is that every working dog was bred out to other breeds from time to time, as ability was what mattered. The style of breeding to “true blood” is a show ring thing.

    • admin says:


      You are correct, we cannot reconstitute the breed using just the dogs we have without sacrificing health. We are currently running an open registry that allows in any dog that meets our breed standard so we are taking in genetic material from various related breeds. But I think if this is done carefully it should not have a huge effect, we are staying within the collie family. See this article for my outlook on this subject Make a Purebred in Four Easy Steps

  3. jennifer says:

    I’d like to learn more about your pups. We’re looking for a female. We live in SC and have two children, ages 5 and 4. We have been considering various of collie breeds, and only now came across the OTSC, which sounds perfect – almost too good to be true. Please contact me with more information. Thank you.

  4. Laura Osanitch says:

    Hi “Admin!” I just clicked on your link “Make a purebred in…” but the page was “not found.” I think the note said it had originally been in a Silken Windhounds link? Just learning about the windhounds as well. There is always more to learn about breeds and lineage. Never a dull moment if you are a geek of that sort. 🙂

  5. Terra Hainds says:

    Just because something doesn’t do everything you planned it to complete does not mean it’s useless.
    No enterprise is more likely to succeed than one concealed in the enemy until it really is ripe for execution.

  6. Cheryl Draeger says:

    Dear Friends;
    We have very few collies in Iowa, and they are much needed. This is an agricultural state, and farmers need them. I was hoping to start a kennel. Here in Iowa, the biggest demand is for Sable and White. I do not understand why Iowan’s do not know that collies come in other colors.
    I was interested in your collies as they are the original, the collie ancestor. Unlike your other writers, I do forsee your old fashioned farm collies making a big come back, and I do forsee them fitting into dog shows in competition, herding, obedience, agility and eventually conformation. Collie enthusiasts all over will take an interest in them, and want one. Any time you say the word “rare” they do not stay rare for long. I see a BIG BIG future for your lovely loving farm collies.

    Ms. Cheryl Draeger

  7. Meegan McCarthy says:

    We had a collie growing up and she was the best dog ever. My dad referred to her as a farm collie. She was smart, loyal, playful and kept us safe by herding we five kids so that we did not leave the yard. I would love to get one for our family. I was wondering how these dogs are relative to allergies. My son has shown allergies around cats and only a few types of dogs. Do you know if they tend to be dogs that trigger allergies or not so much? Before buying one, I wanted to ask and then try to bring my son around this breed to see if he responds or not. They are great dogs!

  8. Debbie Lewison says:

    I would like more information about the collies, I had a collie as a child (50 years ago ), and she was so smart and loyal. I live on 50 acres with drive way 1/4 mile in. We have heritage chickens and goats and heritage turkeys. We have a large garden and grow heirloom vegetables. So preserving our heritage is important to my husband and I. We both love dogs as well. Thank you Debbie Lewison

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