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Scotch Collie puppies eating

It’s been awhile but we finally have new pictures of the puppies. We had a tragedy on Friday morning, I awoke around 4 AM to Lassen’s urgent pleas, (she was in the house and the puppies were in the yard), I let her out to look after her puppies but found that we were missing two puppies. After looking everywhere I found that something had dug under the gate from the outside and apparently hauled off with two pups. One was found dead in a nearby wash and the other was never found, so K9 and River Song are gone. These pictures were taken on Thursday so we have pictures of them here.

3 Responses to Latest Puppy Pictures

  1. Sarah FoeppelSfoeppel says:

    Sorry to hear of the lose of two beautiful puppies

  2. Jane Myers says:

    Omg. Just read about the loss of two puppies! Still in Alaska & limited iPhone access. How tragic! So happy you had a large litter!! I am so excited about the puppy & spend an inordinate amount of time planning for her. House dog!!! Jane

  3. Alisa Arno says:

    What absolutely gorgeous puppies!

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