All puppies are sold

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We won’t have another letter for at least a year (Spring 2014). Thank you.

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  1. Vickie Hughes says:

    Beautiful puppies!
    I hope next Spring I will be lucky enough to buy one.

  2. Debra Rantilla says:

    Hello, we are interested in getting an OTSC in the next 6 months or so, so were wondering if you had any more details on the possibility of a Spring 2014 litter?

    We have two resident dogs, a male and female, and so would prefer a more submissive, mellow tempered dog.

    Thank you for your consideration and any info you can provide,
    Debra Rantilla

  3. Vickie Hughes says:

    I have a farm and would like to find a “blue” scotch collie.
    How wonderful that you had one in your last litter.
    IF by chance you have one in this next Spring 2014 litter, would you please let me know?
    Best Regards,

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