Autumn & Mani Litter June 2016

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Introducing our newest litter, the Pac-Man litter. Five pups all shaded sable and white, two females and three males. They were whelped on June 4, 2016 and will be ready to start going to their new homes on July 23.

The dam is Heritage Golden Autumn, this is her first litter, she is the granddaughter of Shasta and a great-granddaughter of Dunrovin’s Rover. You can see details about Autumn at

The sire is Thornhill West’s Mani who is half Butcher line from his mother’s side and goes back to Dunrovin’s Ole Shep via Fox Creek Jovial Jake and Dunrovin’s Rebel on his father’s side. This is his first litter too. You can learn more about Mani at

This is the first litter I know of that combines all three offspring of McDuffie’s Beethoven that have contributed to farm collie lines, they are FoxCreek’s Jovial JakeReynold’s Traveler and Sojourner’s Jacob. These three dogs were owned by the three founders of the American Working Farmcollie Association. These will make great dogs, very sensitive to human needs and emotion, good for farm or home, they will be the more short nosed, old-fashioned type of collie.

If you are interested in this litter please contact Tonya at 520-743-6443





Pedigree of Heritage Pac-Man
Heritage Pac-Man

Thornhill West’s Mani

Thornhill West’s Aslan

Thornhill West’s Nimoy

Thornhill West’s Teeglay

Chesney’s DR Vestige Rebel

Dunrovin’s Ole Shep

Dunrovin Sassy

Hoffman’s Jessie

FoxCreek’s Jovial Jake

FoxCreek Fearless Felicia

Cimarron Layla

Cimarron King Biscuit

Cedar Creek Daddy’s Big Mack

Egertsen’s Copperfield

Cedar Creek Maggie Mae

Cimarron Golden Bells

Cimarron Buccaneer

Susie Q

Foothills Toshi

Dalby’s Laddie

Partlow’s Bud II
Johnson’s Tillie

Cedar Creek Foothill’s Judi

Egertsen’s Copperfield

Cedar Creek Maggie Mae

Heritage Golden Autumn

Heritage Mighty Rainier

Gracehaven’s Angus

Ms Hannah MacGregor Cindeross Mr. MacGregor
Lucy My Girl

Peruvian Lassie

Heritage Little Lassen

Strunk’s Dunrovin Rover II

Dunrovin’s Rover

Neighbors Brownie
Allison’s Spot

Strunk’s Dunrovin Peggy

Strunk’s Dunrovin Radar
Strunk’s Sally

Heritage Majestic Shasta

Ford’s Chesney Buddy

Chesney’s DR Vestige Rebel

Lilly of the Valley

Ford’s Red Bank Ginger

Cimarron Guthrie’s Bud

Gehl’s Red Bank Whistlin Dixie

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