Our Dogs

We raise Old-Time Scotch Collies, the last of an old and proud breed. You can learn more about this rare dog breed at www.scotchcollie.org. They have many useful abilities like herding and hunting but by far their most useful traits are intelligence and biddability combined with their calm, non-hyper temperament.

Strunk’s Dunrovin Sarah

Born: 7/1/2007 Weight: 44 pounds Registration: OTSC-F-87 also registered as OTFS with NKC Sire: Strunk’s Dunrovin Rover II Dam: Strunk’s Dunrovin Jill Sarah, also known as Sally, is one of the last of the Dunrovin dogs and is pure McDuffie/Strunk OTFS breeding. She has produced some excellent litters in the past, from Rainier and from Fergus, and now she is

Heritage Golden Autumn

Born: 9/14/2014 Weight: 35 pounds Registration: OTSC-F-240 Sire: Heritage Mighty Rainier Dam: Heritage Little Lassen Autumn is incredibly smart and sensitive to human feelings and actions, if we are involved in some activity, she is there trying to figure out what we are doing and to help if she can, if someone is feeling blue, Autumn will be

Silver Dollar Georgie Porgie

Born: 4/16/2016 Sire: Silver Dollar’s Captain Kirk Dam: Silver Dollar’s Kay-Nine George is just a pup now, but we hope to use him in breeding in 2017.

Heritage Little Lassen

Born: 11/18/2010 Weight: 40 pounds Registration: OTSC & OTFS Lassen is a the whole package, a beautiful dog and wicked smart. Lassen’s litter was special, the only litter of her amazingly smart mother Shasta and one of the only litters from her father Dunrovin’s Rover II. She is the granddaughter of Dunrovin’s Rover, one of