Heritage Little Lassen

Born: 11/18/2010
Weight: 40 pounds
Registration: OTSC & OTFS

Lassen is a the whole package, a beautiful dog and wicked smart. Lassen’s litter was special, the only litter of her amazingly smart mother Shasta and one of the only litters from her father Dunrovin’s Rover II. She is the granddaughter of Dunrovin’s Rover, one of the original McDuffie dogs. She is not friendly with people she doesn’t know, is always watchful yet not on edge or barky. She is content to lay around the house when there is no work but is active and ready at a minute’s notice when the need arises. She is the perfect type of collie, agile and athletic yet not the slightest bit hyper or nervous, calm but intelligent beyond belief.

Lassen is a great mother to her pups. She has a proven track record of instilling her intelligence in her pups.

Sadly Lassen passed away suddenly from a rare illness in 2015.

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